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Architecture & Infrastructure

Designing stability and security into new products; guiding risk: benefit prioritization at scale; aligning scope with resource allocation.

Comprehensive Cornerstone

Your Architecture & Infrastructure are the backbone of your organization. They impact every application in your company and how they communicate with each other. If they aren’t designed holistically then technical debt develops, which leads to kinks in your tech stack.
architecture and infrastructure of customer data, employee data, device data, and 3rd party data

How your data interconnects is the blueprint that your company will be following for many years to come. Make sure that your software structure will last and is designed with your business needs in mind; not just one piece at a time

Ensuring that your Architecture and Infrastructure are designed holistically to reduce technical debt and enable you to scale your company in the future is an investment in your company.

Your Unfair Advantage

Our consultants are engineers first who are experts at solving impactful problems and delivering value as your project is underway instead of years down the line.

data aggregation

Data Aggregation

We assess all sources of data that you currently use to identify siloed information. Then we pull that information together through a flexible data ingestion pattern to rapidly integrate 3rd party sources.  

data processing

Data Processing

Real-time ingestion of data allows for low latency data processing. We use transform that data into information which can easily be stored in a data lake to accommodate specific vertical use cases.  

data storage

Data Storage

Generating business value from data is a direct result of accessibility and usability which is why we use cloud-bases storage, which allows your data to be used in machine learning and analytics.  

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Data Consumers

Applications and reports enable insights to inform management decisions. Companies who use those insights to drive business decisions outperform similar companies by 9% in organic revenue growth. 

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