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How Does Headstorm Maintain Constant Communication With Our Clients?

How Does Headstorm Maintain Constant Communication with Our Clients?

Here at Headstorm, our relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance. Over the years, our unique processes have always had one crucial factor– clear communication with our clients about their company, their needs, their projects, and our work. From the very beginning of an engagement up until its delivery to our client, we are always working to make sure that we fully understand our client’s needs and provide a solution that meets their expectations.

Clients entrust us with the responsibility of solving their problems, which we do by leveraging our years of experience to create a tailored solution. We do not take this responsibility lightly, which is why we drive accountability as our way to make sure things get done.

We have a variety of systems and processes that help us maintain the gold standard of accountability that we expect from ourselves and our clients expect from us. Among these systems is CommandHound, a software platform that was built from the ground up to drive accountability to make sure things get done.

CommandHound helps us assign, track, delegate, escalate, and monitor what needs to be done, allowing us to have timely visibility when things are beginning to fall behind. In addition, the performance tracking features at the individual and team levels allow us drive a culture of accountability in all aspects of our projects.

Internally, a culture of accountability allows us to rely on each team member to never let important tasks fall through the cracks. Our projects are carefully tracked by CommandHound so that our teams are able to focus on big-picture strategic decisions without getting bogged down in remembering simple tasks and deadlines.

Integrating client teams into our accountability framework allows a level of transparency that helps our clients feel secure in the steps we are taking to deliver their project. They are involved at every step along the way, and know when their own deliverables are necessary for the project to advance.

By putting accountability at the core of what we do, we are able to maintain constant communication with our clients about their projects and, more importantly, allows us to deliver projects more efficiently and on time.

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