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Modernization: The Headstorm Way

Modernization: The Headstorm Way

At Headstorm, we are very careful when approaching technology modernization. Forcing the newest, shiniest framework complete with enough cupholders to service a small country simply doesn’t make sense in many situations. Instead, we strive to focus on the problem at hand and then carefully look at the facts.

When a healthcare client came to us voicing their issues with responsiveness and multiple mobile platforms, we took care to remember their key business objective first, which is every business’s savior: revenue. We then worked our way down the path from revenue to key drivers of customer experience regarding their technology solution and narrowed it down to one important inefficiency and problem that was causing the majority of their woes.

The responsiveness and mobile issues came from needing to roll out several development projects for each new mobile platform and different device. Each major device needed a team to manage timeline, coding, quality assurance, and all the other subtasks that come with an application rollout.

What was the most impactful solution to said issue? To create a singular code base that could supply iOS, Android, and devices ranging from desktop to tablet with consistency. It would reduce the burden of managing multiple rollouts and allow the dev team to centralize with more efficiency.

But with their current framework, it would be impossible. So we recommended a change in framework to React Native, which was used extensively by Facebook to make the feature rollout process much smoother.

We then made sure that all the key stakeholders in the project completely understood the impact of the solution. That meant bringing in both the technical teams led by their technology lead AND their other executive team members. Developer needs decreased by 80% as a result of a single code base. Costs were reduced exponentially. Customer experience increased due to the responsiveness of React Native. Rollouts no longer split off into multiple paths that needed to be managed with scrutiny and nervousness. Spend less and make customers happier. It was a much easier business case to present than just pushing technology.

React Native makes mobile app development much more efficient.

One of the things we preach to our team is that technology solutions are never a real “solution” unless we present a real triple win case. That doesn’t mean a win/win for just us and the client. It means a win/win/win for us, the client, and their customers.

CTOs know the inherent risk of changing technologies, and their fears surrounding modernization shouldn’t be discounted. However, while it is tempting to play it safe and avoid putting your neck out on the line, remember that younger, more agile competitors are constantly taking calculated risks in the marketplace by innovating and switching to better technology solutions.

With that in mind, it might be wise to make a few more calculated risks around technology in 2017.

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