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Major Pizza Retailer: DIgital Lab


A national pizza retailer wanted to monetize their post-purchase ecommerce experience. Headstorm was responsible for quickly standing up an experimentation hub where unique combinations of digital experiences (revenue generating e.g., ads) could be tested on the fly.

Use Cases

Increasing post-purchase revenue generation

Tech Stack

  • React
  • Lambda + Node
  • PostgreSQL

Build Type

Hybrid & Greenfield


  • Market research
  • User research
  • UI/UX design
  • Digital marketing
  • Front-end development

What We Did

Validating And Refining Personas

Validating and refining personas

Using existing communication channels (recent shoppers) we deployed a foundational customer survey to validate current behavior and explore a willingness to change.

  • Persona lite
  • Customer journey lite
Audit & Assess

Audit & assess

We dove deep into the legacy systems and services and sized/framed what could be reusable and applicable with the least amount of work and/or time.

  • Product readiness assessment and sizing
  • Real life experimentation with legacy systems and assets
Wireframes & Feedback

Wireframes & feedback

Within 30 days Headstorm created 10-20 patterns/templates that were live tested (in browser) with qualified customers to range clutter, incentives/promotion, and content trade offs.

  • Flexible testing experience (password protected)
  • Early roadmap definition
Package & Transition

Package & transition

Headstorm met with and created a plan for the client to inherit the digital lab and continue to progress future experimentation at scale.

Key Outputs & Results

Now, stakeholders could make better decisions on what would work, quicker than was ever possible. These expedited efforts led to major improvements in time to market for new products, marketing campaigns, and potential partnerships.

Just enough market research

Large insights uncovered, time and resources saved on validating common/known behavior

Rapid test and deploy

Experience patterns could be deployed in days, not months

Validation as a core capability

Live experimentation could be done seamlessly and without any implications to the legacy platforms and without risk of purchase interference

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