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Major US telco - Simplification


In an effort to modernize and simplify, a leading US telco needed to quickly reduce out the friction within the central purchase journey and increase conversion. In conjunction with a leading strategy firm, we set out to test and rapidly improve a digital sales process.

Use cases

Increasing revenue and customer satisfaction for a high volume ecommerce experience

Tech Stack

  • Angular
  • 100+ APIs
  • Akamai
  • AWS

Build Type

Greenfield & hybrid


  • UX/UI
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Project management
  • QA/Testing
  • Analytics

What we did

Assess, Audit, & Benchmark

Assess, audit, & benchmark

We documented, researched, and assessed more than 100 APIs, validated and refined multiple customer personas, and identified major opps for improvement within the customer experience.

  • Extensive documentation and benchmarking of the customer journey
Test. Build. Learn. Repeat

Test. Build. Learn. Repeat

Rapidly prototyping and testing in parallel let us filter new ideas in days instead of months. Our focus on metrics resulted in a 2x conversion rate across channels without skipping critical design guidance from customers.

  • New and improved usability playbook
  • Deployed analytics top down (behavior) and bottom up (services/systems)
Smarter, Simpler Patterns

Smarter, simpler patterns

We landed on a streamlined, simpler path to checkout with upsells, product recommendations, easier navigation, intuitive comparisons, and more.

  • Introduced new design templates and dumb/smart components
  • Implemented proactive security testing/measures that increased overall velocity
Client Up Skilling & Re-skilling

Client up skilling & re-skilling

To increase speed, flexibility, output, and breadth of value, we shared tech resources and insights with relevant client teams working hand in hand and deploying inside of the client’s environment.

Key outputs & results

Our efforts introduced a more agile way of working and generated distinct business/user value for the client. Online conversion and customer satisfaction improved, and internal product teams were introduced to cutting edge research and engineering methods to apply to other workstreams.

Much simpler, quicker experience

Reduced page count by more than 66%

Easier customer decisions

More than a 30% improvement in time to complete a purchase

Increased sales

More than 100% conversion increase on core flows

New experience, fast track

Up to 3x increased conversion spikes with new navigation patterns

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