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Latest work in AgTech, Healthcare, Logistics, & Retail

Customer Journeys (UX)

Hold interviews with customers across your user spectrum to understand their  journeys.

Product Management

Center your team entirely on value for the end user by taking a ‘CEO’ of the product approach.

Prod. Ownership/Bus. Analysis

Create actionable curriculum for your sales organization to show the value of the product.

Sales Enablement

Develop actionable curriculum for the sales organization to show the value of the product.

Web & Mobile Applications

Architect a mobile stack that empowers modern features and integrates with existing assets.

Technology Strategy

Drive the technology selections and technical roadmap to enable the business objectives.

Architecture & Infrastructure

Lay the groundwork and critical infrastructure components that enable high-octane teams to deliver quickly.

Tools & Patterns

Continuous knowledge sharing/training with blended team development drive seamless transitions to fully tooled-up partner teams

Cloud Transformation

Prioritize application migration from on-prem to cloud, focusing on uptime and risk mitigation.

Data Pipelines & API Platforms

Identify key data streams that will benefit from robust reporting and integrations.

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