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AgTech - Comparing and Predicting

  Kansas City

Agriculture is facing challenges it hasn’t seen in decades. Low commodity prices mean every bushel counts and every investment must be scrutinized. Demand continues to rise beyond current production. We helped FarmLink respond to these complex challenges with a suite of applications.

Use Cases

Compare farm yields to benchmark data, validate farm management decisions

Tech Stack

  • React
  • .Net MVC
  • AWS

Build Type



  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Project management
  • QA

What We Did

Handling Grower Needs

Handling grower needs

Growers needed to browse and understand yield potential of each field with real-time forecasting, and ability to see differences between fields.

  • Go-to-market application for benchmarking yield across various zones
  • Developed a freemium version for market testing new features and free trials
Extend Capabilities Across Co-ops & Enterprise Co-ops

Extend capabilities across co-ops & enterprise co-ops

Develop enterprise permissions and authorization structures to federate identity and access across multiple large scale co-ops

  • Implemented and configured an enterprise grade identity server
  • Developed impersonation functionality
  • Modeled and implemented permission structures to grant and share data with third parties
Refine & Measure

Refine & measure

In order to better control and monitor user information and analytics, we created admin management portals and intuitive dashboards.

  • Developed an administrative portal with dashboard and notification capabilities around usage, subscriptions, and permissions

Key Outputs & Results

We created a suite of modern, mobile-friendly applications overlaying GIS maps, with the ability to browse field information, predict future effectiveness, view marketing analytics, and compare performance of each field.

Easy enterprise adoption

Single sign-on and federated access drove easy adoption across enterprise subscriptions

Quick feature delivery

Fast feature validation through freemium application trials

Expanded, customized features

Custom zone types and expanded crop types unlocked grower adoption with unique field constraints and varieties of crops

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