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AgTech - Going global (i18n)

  San Francisco

Our AgTech client needed to quickly double their product’s reach to growers in 18 EU countries. The complexity of the tools, translation providers, and unit conversions required external assistance from Headstorm.

Use cases

Expanding site function to new global markets

Tech stack

  • React
  • Smartling

Build type



  • Project/product mgmt.
  • Architecture
  • UI/UX design
  • Development

What we did

Learning & Coordinating

Learning & coordinating

Getting up to speed on the specifics of international languages meant overcoming challenges in pluralization, gendered languages, and coordinating a multilingual team.

  • Defined requirements
  • Established testing & translation teams
UI Challenges

UI challenges

New languages meant longer text (like Cyrillic). The lack of a flexible user interface made this a problem. Also, most of it wasn’t mobile-friendly. So we helped them future proof it.

  • Supplied helpful UI feedback
  • Ensured flexible designs
Looking Ahead

Looking ahead

Our client had to get better at globalization because they planned to go beyond 18 countries.  So, we created processes for defining requirements, coordinating teams, and adding languages.

  • Handed off custom processes
  • Made it easy to add new countries


Our team of 5 is currently expanding to support 2 new countries by the end of the quarter.

Key Outputs & Results

All planned countries are ready to go, and we’re on track to add 2 more.

9 new EU countries

Support for 18 EU countries total

Flexible new UI

Handling unpredictable text lengths, units, symbols

Effective processes

For new languages and unit conversions

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