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Healthmine: IoT + Data Pipelines


Major initiative for a health and wellness company that wanted to explore emerging technologies to bring their customers and company new possibilities. We were brought in as innovative subject matter experts in the early stages of idea incubation.

Use Cases

Leveraging mobile technology for a custom health and wellness solution

Tech Stack

  • Data Storage – Oracle
  • Business logic – Java
  • UI – React Native

Build Type

Hybrid on legacy & Greenfield


  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

What We Did



At the time, multiple teams and technologies created various views for each platform. We found an innovative way to save time and streamline everything into two views that ran on the same logic and backend.

  • React & react native
Leading Edge

Leading edge

React native was in its earlier days. This resulted in the team delivering significant contribution to the open source community with React Native open source libraries.

  • React Native library contribution
  • New engineering patterns
Privacy & Security

Privacy & security

Due to the volume of personal information HIPAA compliance and security was a top design consideration. We had to be sure that our new innovations could handle sensitive data flawlessly.

  • Fully secured application
  • HIPAA Compliance
Forward-thinking Mindset

Forward-thinking mindset

Change Management was used to help restructure their team for future success, along with best practices of how to improve going forward.

  • Modern product mindset and team communications

Key Outputs & Results

Due to our passion for leveraging and contributing to leading edge technologies, we successfully delivered a responsive set of mobile and web applications

Transformed culture/org

Improved product practices and team structure

Trail-blazed new technologies

Led the way in utilizing React Native technologies

Faster time to market

Quicker launches and easier iterations by streamlining engineering and deployment

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