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Insights & Action With Global Fitness Data

An international fitness brand with over 1,000 locations wanted to transform how they acquired, retained and served their customer base with their operational, marketing and performance data (CRM, wearables, POS systems, mobile app, and custom hardware).


We extracted and generated all new insights to understand customers, enabled modern marketing efforts, and guided our client’s business strategies. Headstorm enabled churn prevention and scheduling optimization use-cases within 90 days.

Single Source of Truth

Single canonical data model provided new analyses & modeling to finally understand their customers' E2E journey.

Flexibility = Faster Results

Adjusted development as needed to consistently deliver minor and major features bi-weekly and monthly.

Deeper Customer Insights

Revealed key info about the customer journey, with an AI-based “lever catalog” that automatically integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud for customer engagement.

Engineering & Data Excellence

Secure, scalable, and stable patterns, processes, and templates deployed and syndicated as best practice throughout the organization.


Orange Theory, Boca Raton, Florida

The organization lacked the ability to accurately predict cloud storage costs and a robust predictable FinOps model. As a result, the organization incurred over 100k in unanticipated cloud storage spend, leading to financial inefficiencies. Additionally, data access was hindered due to tiering, resulting in delays and reduced productivity.

Use Cases
  • Unlocking deep customer/marketing insights with data science & AI, update A.I. to be AI

Tech Stack
  • AWS: S3, Glue, Kinesis, Athena, DynamoDB, RDS, Redshift, Jupyter, EMR 
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
Build Type
  • Greenfield
  • Project leadership
  • Back-end development
  • Cloud engineering
  • Cyber security
  • Front end development
  • Data science
  • Data engineering
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What We Did

A Comprehensive Data Lake

Within days, a full AWS environment was ready to stage the Client’s data into a new data lake. We built the data lake in AWS S3, ingesting data from API’s, DynamoDB, Redshift, RDS, file-based formats, device streaming data, and other sources. 

  • Fully functioning AWS environment 
  • Multi-source data lake 

Building The Base

Our data scientists needed an operation base to build their models, so we designed and built a Canonical Data Model (Domain Model) on top of source data to unify and simplify business data from previously unconnected systems. 

  • Simplified, unified data 
  • Ready for data science workbench


Data Science Workbench

We created a best-of-breed Data Science Workbench to easily explore the Data Lake (Athena), train models in a distributed manner (EMR and Jupyter) and deploy models (Apache Airflow). 

  • Actionable models, tested live within weeks


Getting & Giving Insights

We enabled API integration to-and-from Adobe Marketing Cloud in order to get historical marketing info and allow the automated pushing of targeted customer lists back to the Adobe platform.

  • Connection to/from Adobe Marketing Cloud 
  • Real-time marketing enhancements 


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