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Our Approach

Companies with an intentional, comprehensive focus on strategy outperform those that approach it ad-hoc. Gain peace of mind with a clear strategy and a value-driven, prioritized roadmap of initiatives that establishes direction for the organization and clarity for your teams.


We can provide a holistic and actionable technology roadmap that successfully bridges the gap between strategy and implementation.


Not all organizations are the same. Headstorm meets our client organizations where they are with a variety of strategic offerings best suited to unlock success.

Our comprehensive and tailored approach helps executives navigate the complexities of the AI landscape. AI is not the tool for everything. The outcomes are only justified if they are cheaper, faster, or better than current state. Through rigorous methodologies, we empower clients with knowledge and a strategic roadmap to communicate upwards to your board and downstream to your leadership teams. 

Align your technology strategy to your business strategy. Evaluate where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there with a detailed roadmap of prioritized initiatives, budgets, and timelines.

Analyze your current technology’s performance and capabilities against your expectations, needs, and business goals to determine if you are getting the most out of your dollars spent. Typically utilized during mergers and acquisitions.

Evaluate current IT processes to identify gaps, initiate redesign, and implement modernized processes and centers of excellence to streamline decision-making, enhance channels of communication, and facilitate collaboration. 

Review your portfolio of digital products and internal applications to understand what to keep, what to throw away, and what to refactor. Typically used post-M&A integration and digital transformation.

Bring your proprietary capabilities in-house. You provide the talent, and we’ll bring the best-in-class business processes, governance models, and overall structure to strengthen your competitive advantage.

Clearly understand and quantify the value of your investments and develop a methodology for evaluating the ROI. Create alignment between strategic goals, prioritization of tasks, and execution. From learning the base building process to pursuing big bet initiatives, Headstorm can help.

Accelerator Spotlight: STAR

Strategic Technology Assessment & Roadmap

Our STAR is always based on, and directly driven by, the business’s strategy and overall objectives. This is the best way to determine whether a business case exists for any given digital investment. The STAR framework leverages 4 key questions: Where are you now? Where are you going? Where do you want to go? How will you get there? Headstorm will help you assess your goals and objectives, perform a cost-benefit analysis, and evaluate risks and rewards in order to create a plan that sets you up for success. Let us help you play to your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, and make technology your unfair advantage.


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